Our stage society is kept running by a group of dedicated committee members elected yearly by our society members at our annual general meeting held each July.

The committee looks after the overall running of the society, which involves anything from selecting future shows, producing each show, hiring sets and costumes, selecting music or creating choreography, from advertisings and marketing shows to raising funds for future productions and organising stage social events.

Your 2018-19 Hartlepool Stage Society committee is:

President – Tom Scorer
Chairman – Jill Jackson
Vice-chairman – Christine Davison
Secretary – Gail Arnold
Treasurer – Pam Gretton
Business Manager – Sarah Charlton
Stage Manager – Charles Lambert
Membership Secretary – Katy Scanlon
Voice Representatives – Peter Rowlands, Marilyn Hamblet, Liz Montgomery
Co-opted committee members:

Choreography & Producer – Jill Jackson
Musical Director – Christine Davison
Junior Society Choreographer – Elizabeth Marshall
Junior Society Musical Director – Sarah Charlton
Junior Society Voice Representative – Erin Spence
Social Secretaries – Elizabeth Marshall, Peter Rowlands